Ron Singer’s brief memoir of his grandmother is full of snapshots so rooted in a particular time and place and culture that it creates a universal understanding of a generation for whom the world changed more rapidly than most. He creates a picture as multifaceted as a Picasso portrait.”
- from Bill Dorn’s review of A Voice for My Grandmother, Golden Handcuffs, Winter/Spring 2007.

“a well-observed, delightful piece of fiction….” “Singer’s character drawing is deft, accurate and memorable…” “an admirable, occasionally astonishing ability to assume the voices of people from other cultures than his own…”
- from Jim Feast’s review of The Second Kingdom, Evergreen Review, Dec 2009


Ron Singer trawls the genres: poetry, fiction, satire, journalism (about Africa), and drama (including librettos for two operas, recorded and performed). Among the places his work has appeared are Borderlands: The Texas Poetry Review; The Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists; diagram (e-zine and print anthology); Ellipsis; Gander Press Review; The Georgia Review; Hampden-Sydney Poetry Review; Poets & Writers (online); SN (Starry Night) Review (e-zine and print anthology); The Wall Street Journal; Waterways: Poetry in the Mainstream; Willow Review; Windsor Review; and numerous literary e-zines.Singer wrote the Introduction to Thackeray’s Vanity Fair (Bantam Books). In November 2006 his chapbook, A Voice for My Grandmother, was published by Ten Penny Players. It has been reviewed ten times, and a second printing was issued in October 2007. A Voice is also now available on line:http://www.tenpennyplayers.org/x3f.html.  In Fall 2008, he was Featured Poet, New Works Review, and he has three poems in the 2009 anthology, Poetic Voices without Borders-2 (PVWB-2, Gival Press*). The Second Kingdom (fiction: “The Key,” “The Changing Woman Health Conference,” and “The Parents We Deserve”) was issued as an e-book on March 15, 2009 by Cantarabooks LLC. In July 2010, Singer was featured poet at Arlington Literary Journal (ArLiJo). His story, “On Elizabeth Bishop’s ‘One Art’ ” (Third Wednesday, Fall, 2010), has been nominated for a Pushcart Prize.
* PVB-2 has won the 2009 National Best Book Award for Fiction & Literature: Anthologies, sponsored by USA Book News.“Mainly little semi-documentary flash-poems that catch reality as it flashes by. Like Ron Singer’s poem, “You Can’t Write Fast Enough”: “You can’t write fast enough to chronicle the visible world…” An excellent mag that teaches succinctness, terseness, focus. No blathering, no big experimental ego-trips, just sketches that bring you into realities that are mainly art- and literature-centered but caught up and wounded by the barbed-wire realities that surround artists and writers (and everyone else) these days.
–Hugh Fox, “Flashes,” (writing about Waterways: Vol.26, #8), small press review, March-April 2006.
“Loopy and highly intelligent, Ron Singer has carved his name in the stone ruins of literature. Far too esoteric for a misleading marketing campaign, far too uncompromising and exceptional to be ignored, he is an author perpetually on the fringes of the New York establishment. With The Second Kingdom, incarnated in e-form with Cantarabooks, Singer’s irony and wit informs a selection of tightly-wrought stories… Singer at his finest—deft, funny, and screwball. Oh, and puns. Let’s not forget that, or we’ll find ourselves committed to plugatory.”
— Dan Fall, THE BROOKLYN RAIL, May 2009